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Buy Chinese Product,So Easy

Send our customer service the Chinese products you want to buy and let us help you purchase and ship them.

Over 3,000 people use our services. 超3000人使用我们的服务。
Pay twice
First time: pay product cost.
Second time: pay shipping cost after weighing/measuring volume.

Pay once
Product cost + customer service estimated shipping cost.

Advantages 1
The product and the shipping cost is clear.运费和商品费都很清晰。
It is possible that the shipping cost will be underestimated, but you do not have to pay the underpaid shipping cost. 运费有可能会被低估,但您不必支付少付的运费。
Advantages 2
Might be more economical. 可能会更省钱。
Simple operation, no need for complicated communication. 操作简单,不用复杂的沟通。
If you are an international buyer who purchases Chinese products all year round, it is recommended to use this plan. 如果你是跨境采购老手,建议使用这个方案。
If this is your first time purchasing Chinese products across borders, it is recommended to use this solution. 如果你第一次跨境采购,建议使用这个方案。

Shipping Price

Shipping prices for different types of goods sending from Chinese mainland.从中国大陆发货的不同类型商品的运费。