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About us

Welcome to NS JULIET 朱丽叶海购! was founded in March 2023, focusing on providing purchasing and shipping services. Initially, it only served users in Taiwan. After a year of hard work and more than 10 iterations of services and details, the business has stabilized, and in 2024, it began to gradually increase user services in other countries and regions.

What makes us different from others

Patience, care, and responsibility
We are a website created by a female entrepreneur. Compared with just pursuing business scale, we are more patient, careful, and responsible.
High-quality repeat customers are the main force to maintain our survival. Therefore, we will patiently handle every customer's problem and take every order seriously. We don't have mechanical customer service answers, and we give practical solutions to every problem.

How to provide services?

Shipping service


Cooperation with high-quality logistics providers is the basis for us to provide logistics services.

We have strict assessment indicators. 1) Package loss rate and claims settlement plan; 2) Stable arrival time; 3) Tracking information; 4) Infrastructure; 5) Company size; 6) Cost transparency; 7) Historical service qualifications. These are all factors we consider whether to choose a company.

We have a logistics tracking visualization system. You can query the information of each order.
Integrating the characteristics of multiple logistics service providers, we provide more comprehensive and affordable consolidation services in weight segments.

Cross-border parcel logistics companies often have good performance: 1) Stable and fast timeliness; 2) Billing standards accurate to 1g; and logistics companies dedicated to serving Amazon FBA have more advantages in large-scale shipments: 1) They have a large daily shipment volume and have fixed contracted space with shipping companies; they even have their own charter flights; so that when others cannot book a space and are waiting, we can ship smoothly as usual. 2) There are overseas warehouses in many countries, which is more advantageous for handling commodity transit; 3) Strict item classification and control system to speed up the customs clearance of goods. Improve the timeliness and stability of the entire batch of goods.

We also continuously optimize and screen our logistics service providers according to the arrival time of the goods, select logistics service providers with strong strength, visualization system and logistics tracking system, and select logistics service providers serving large shopping malls or shopping platforms, and sign contracts with them.

Procurement service


Cause of creation
Originally, we only opened a store on the cross-border e-commerce platform to sell daily necessities
Because some buyers need us to help them purchase Chinese goods. Therefore, under the guidance of buyers, we started our this business.
And created the website

Service process
1) Buyers send us the link of the designated product we want to buy
2) We help buyers buy and provide order completion records
3) Buyers pay shopping fees and service fees
4) The product is weighed, the buyer pays the shipping fee, the product is sent to the buyer, and the courier number is sent to the buyer
5) The buyer receives the goods and tells us "received"

Possible problems
1) Slow arrival of items (customs clearance congestion)-this is an uncontrollable factor
2) Items are lost (so far there has been only one case, and after the logistics company confirmed the loss of the goods, the buyer was able to obtain a full refund of the shipping fee and full compensation for the goods)
3) Worried about the poor quality of the goods, first entrust us to help shoot the product arrival video for buyers to screen, return the poor quality products, and mail the qualified ones.

Except for the above 3 problems, no other problems occurred.
Buyers and we have a good shopping atmosphere

Brand growth
Main users,following the growth of users, we try our best to provide existing users with the services they may need, and make them better and better. 
New users,the main source of new users is the introduction of old users or new users actively finding us.

In order to maintain long-term and comfortable development and ensure the high quality of service. Our benefits are relatively few.
Notice, specific benefits will be given according to specific buyers.
For example: if the buyer's order amount is large, we provide free shipping services; if the buyer frequently purchases a certain type of product, we actively search for relevant high-quality merchants and recommend them to the buyer; help the buyer customize the goods with the factory and follow up the factory progress, etc.

Want to know more about us?
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Or chat with us to jointly shape the future development of the brand
After all, our founding was guided by the opinions of buyers.